Theology simply means the study or beliefs of God. Everyone is theological because everyone has beliefs about God. The difference is whether it’s good theology or bad theology. There’s not much more important in life than getting theology right. The implications of bad theology are detrimental in this life and even damning in the next. The goal of this blog is to discuss theological ideas in order to help people discern the difference between the two. We are all on a theological journey and nobody has perfected the knowledge of God. This doesn’t mean however that we don’t discuss theology, nor does it mean that we don’t call out bad theology when we see it. It simply means we pursue truth the best we know how and when we call out bad theology we do it with humility and love. My thoughts on here are not to promote myself, or pull someone else down, rather they are to help others to consider the truths about God, which in turn, which influence the fruitfulness of their life. I hope these posts will be helpful, not hurtful.