Christmas – Sacred or Secular?

They began to celebrate what C. S. Lewis calls ‘the grandest miracle of all time’ the incarnation of God, the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas was birthed out of a pagan context but it was not pagan. It was Christian. Christians decided to Redeem a date, 25th of December and honour the birth of our saviour, not Mithras or any other pagan God. Christmas was sacred not secular.

Busy Is The New Happy – Our Ultimate Rest

It’s more than just a rest from something; it’s a rest in someone. He doesn’t just take your burden off you, he gives you his peace, he gives you his strength, he gives you his grace and mercy, his encouragement, his friendship. Jesus gives you his life. Recieve from him and he will give you rest. Ultimate rest. Rest for you soul.

Gospel #3 – God Is In Us

When you face temptation – the one who is able to withstand all temptation at all times is in you. When you face uncertainty – the all-knowing God is in you. When you face overwhelming obstacles – the all-sovereign God who is in control of all things is in you. When you face discouragement – the one who lived a perfect life on your behalf is in you. When you face fatigue – the same power that was with Jesus in his earthly life is in you. When you face great suffering – the one who suffered infinitely and on your behalf is likewise your great comforter who sympathises with you. When you face loneliness – the one who coexisted with the Father and Spirit for all eternity makes his home in you so that you will never walk alone again.

Gospel Promise #2 – God is With Us – Part 2

The Spirit’s primary vehicle for making God’s presence more real to you is in and through the scriptures. As you read them, listen to them, discuss them and sit under the preaching of them, God is ever present with you speaking to you in order to strengthen you, encourage you, prepare you and make himself known to you.