Culture is the world we find ourselves in. No one is exempt from culture and it’s influence on their life. We live in a particular age. We live in a particular society. We live in a particular context which include ideas, customs, values, social norms and behaviours. Culture is often the unseen influence on the human life. This influence can be either positive or negative. The more aware we are of our culture and the worldview with which it perpetuates, the greater the chance we have of determining the effects of it’s influence on us and the ways in which we can influence culture. I love the Australian culture I live in. Particularly in Brisbane Queensland. There’s a great work ethic. There is great sense of ‘mateship’ in our culture. We’re also a very relaxed and chilled people who know how to enjoy themselves once work is finished. There are also some things about our culture I don’t like. I don’t like the negativity and skepticism we tend to live with. I don’t like the way our culture practices relationships. I don’t like the greed and often times lack of genuine community. Therefore some of my posts will seek to discuss what elements of our culture we should Receive, Reject or Redeem within the culture I love and live.