REFRESH – Living a life you enjoy!

God’s purpose also includes our joy. Yes, I believe God wants you to be happy! God’s glory and our joy are not dichotomous. Rather they go hand in hand. God’s glory does not contradict our joy. God’s glory is our joy because we were made by God, for God.

#7 Saint Vs Sinner – Should Christians Identity as sinners or saints?

As Christians, we are those that are in Christ. We are no longer slaves of sin and darkness, but SONS AND DAUGHTERS of the living God. That’s who we are. So when we sin the gospel calls us to repent and turn away from it. Additionally, it calls us to turn to Jesus in faith, not just for mercy, though it is needed, but also for affirmation of our identity. That we are who he says we are. That we remain God’s child and he loves us and adopted us as his kids. A choice he made long before we ever stuffed up.

Busy Is The New Happy – Our Ultimate Rest

It’s more than just a rest from something; it’s a rest in someone. He doesn’t just take your burden off you, he gives you his peace, he gives you his strength, he gives you his grace and mercy, his encouragement, his friendship. Jesus gives you his life. Recieve from him and he will give you rest. Ultimate rest. Rest for you soul.

Gospel #3 – God Is In Us

When you face temptation – the one who is able to withstand all temptation at all times is in you. When you face uncertainty – the all-knowing God is in you. When you face overwhelming obstacles – the all-sovereign God who is in control of all things is in you. When you face discouragement – the one who lived a perfect life on your behalf is in you. When you face fatigue – the same power that was with Jesus in his earthly life is in you. When you face great suffering – the one who suffered infinitely and on your behalf is likewise your great comforter who sympathises with you. When you face loneliness – the one who coexisted with the Father and Spirit for all eternity makes his home in you so that you will never walk alone again.