Married, 4 children, local church pastor and a Jesus follower.

Treat Kanye as a Berean

In western cultural terms, Kanye is a big deal. He’s famous. He’s rich. He’s an influencer, and now he’s a self-proclaimed Christian, something that has split the Christian community. this is not a post relating to his music or theologically musings. It’s a post regarding how we as Christians should respond when a celebrity figure publicises their faith in Jesus.

Use whatever God places in your hands, to serve those he puts in your life.

Rethink – Who am I?

Consider the lengths God has gone to make you his own. Focus on Him. Make Him the centre of your thoughts, and He will transform the way you feel about yourself. Ponder the majesty of Christ, and allow your life to sit against the backdrop of an incredible God that loves you and gave his life for you. It will change how you view and feel about yourself.  


However you and your family decide to participate this weekend. Please prayerfully consider all aspects of the Christian faith and how you can love your neighbour, be a great witness and bring glory to God.

Review – Where Am I?

Life is fast-paced, full of challenges and struggles and unless there is an intentionality to how we live, these seem to be the default of our lives. So what do you do? How do you move from enduring life to enjoying life? The first step is to rhythm times throughout the year for personal review.

REFRESH – Living a life you enjoy!

God’s purpose also includes our joy. Yes, I believe God wants you to be happy! God’s glory and our joy are not dichotomous. Rather they go hand in hand. God’s glory does not contradict our joy. God’s glory is our joy because we were made by God, for God.