13198505_1316393168376304_1504631315760887703_oI’m a husband punching well above his weight, father of four amazing kids, Lead Pastor of a great local Church and a grateful recipient of the grace of God.


Wife = Karly aka my rock. My best friend and greatest gift.

Kids = Fletcher, Madison, Georgia, Keller. All unique, all incredible. All my joys.


Aside from my wife and kids I have a number of passions. Teaching and preaching the Bible is my favourite part of my job. I love it. I love the prep, I love the challenge and I enjoy the process. I’m a sport junkie. I’ll watch and play anything. However NBA Basketball (Miami Heat; GSW) and English Premier League Football (Arsenal) are my two favourites. I dabble in a bit of music which I’ll probably put on Spotify one day. I love to read, particularly theological books, books written by dead guys and general leadership/pragmatic type genres. Lastly one of my greatest passions is encouraging young men to realise their potential in life. I don’t know what it is but it’s just hard to beat seeing a young guy stepping up and pursuing his dream and becoming a great Godly man.


I became a Christian at age 19 and have never looked back. The more I understand about God, the more I understand the scriptures and in particular the gospel message of the scriptures, the more I am convinced there is no better news than God loves me and gave his life for me (Galatians 2:20). I now pastor a church (lifecentrechurch.com.au) in North Lakes, Brisbane Australia and get to work with some of the most incredible and generous people in the world. I love what I do.


I’ve decided to start this blog with the hope that something I write can be helpful and useful to others. I’m far from knowing everything, but I do know something and maybe that something can bless someone. My focus will be three main categories – Theology, Life and Culture.

I hope this encourages you in your journey in life.




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